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tv   Full Court Press  Current  April 9, 2012 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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two-term governor is ...
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>> bill: all right stan colander, economist joins at the top of the next hour to talk about the latest jobs report. not quite as robust as some people were hoping for but what does it all mean? where we started this morning on the disrespect and the name-calling of our president
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obama, richard daigle e-mails bill peter as i and i have said, the maker driving force between the g.o.p. hate machine is race. black people have lived with this all of our lives. welcome to our world. my question is why has it taken you four years to see the light and speak up. actually, i think i've been speaking up since the beginning. on the penny earnest michaels from cleveland says since it cost more than it is worth to mint a penny and since republicans keep trying to put reagan on everything, why not instead of the dime, we put reagan on the penny. since it was his economic policy which brought us to economic ruin. i like that. we put reagan on the penny and then we get rid of the penny. solve two problems at one time. >> announcer: this is the "bill press show."
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>> bill: good morning, happy monday. it is monday, april 9. good to see you today. welcome to the "full court press." the "bill press show." your new morning show on current tv. good to be with you today as we tackle the issues here in our nation's capital, around the country and around the globe. bring you the latest and take your calls of course. here's what i want to know this morning. is a name-calling against president obama ever, ever going to stop? i mean rush limbaugh recently called him a jack ass. last week. karl rove called president obama a thug and now over the weekend
3:59 am
senator, u.s. senator chuck grassley from iowa says president obama is just plain stupid. i mean you know, there used to be a day if you didn't like the man, at least you respected the office of the presidency. no more. not with this gang. first, let's get the latest, current tv news update. we'll go out to los angeles and say good morning to jacki schechner. jacki, take it away. >> good morning, bill. good morning everyone. april could be the cruelest month when it comes to campaign ads. american crossroads, the republican superback founded by rove and gillespie plans to launch a major blitz against president obama. according to "the new york times," they have more than $2 million to spend and they're going to tie president obama to america's economic woes. the reason why they might be doing this sooner rather than later is it gives mitt romney is a chance to regroup and work on his strategy moving forward. a new poll out this morning
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has swing independents in 12 battleground states raking themselves closer to mitt romney ideologically but liking president obama better. it was released in mid march and released this morning by global strategies group. what people did was rank themselves on a scale of liberal to conservative. they put themselves closer to mitt romney but obama comes out in the poll results ahead by 6 points also his favorability is at 57% and mitt romney's is only at 41%. hillary clinton won't be at the democratic national convention in charlotte in september. a spokesperson for her says in keeping with her being secretary of state, she doesn't engage in political activity. this will be noteworthy in that it is the first one she hasn't attended in decades. her office think maybe dating back to 1968. her husband, president clinton is expected to attend. join us online and chat as always.
4:01 am press. we'll be right back.
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>>this is outrageous! [[vo]]cenk uygur calls out the mainstream media. >>the rest of the media seems like, "ho-hum, no big deal." we've have no choice, we've lost our democracy here. just refreshing to hear.
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no other television show does that. we're keeping it real. >> announcer: broadcasting across the nation, this is the "bill press show." >> bill: yeah, well, what do you expect? it is a golf tournament held in the south so of course, a guy named bubba wins it. so much for the masters. what i want to know is why didn't ginny rometty the head of ibm at least show up and say augusta should allow people like her, women like her to join. big disappointment. good morning, everybody. it is monday, april 9th. good to see you today. this is the "bill press show"
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coming to you live coast-to-coast from our nation's capital, washington, d.c. our little radio factory book factory here located on capitol hill just six blocks from the united states capitol building. right in the heart of the action, when there is any action in washington. most people on vacation these days. congress in its second week of an easter break. how would you like that kind of a job. we're six blocks from the capitol and six metro stops away from the white house. we've got it covered. we'll bring you the latest from our nation's capitol and around the globe and invite you to join us here at the table. our breakfast table this morning at 866-55-press. give us a call. your calls from every corner of the country. north, south east, west, make the show. love to hear from you. so, join the conversation at any time. and say good morning to our team bres this morning. peter has another day off today.
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dan henning is ably flying the 747. with the assistant of stevie lee webb who is out on a coffee run. >> getting the tea. >> cyprian boldting, our videographer and the man who brings the cameras to you and makes us look halfway decent. on television every morning. great to see you today. we're going to keep going for this hour, talking about jobs and the new economic report. a little development on the political front over the weekend. newt gingrich finally stopping the fluster. finally admitting that he's in pretty serious trouble politically, finally recognizing he won't be the nominee. he is $5 million in debt. he's trying to make nice, nice to mitt romney and newt saying over the weekend after all -- despite all the things i said about him, the ugly names i
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called mitt romney, he's now my best friend. >> mitt romney ends up as republican nominee, i will work as hard for him as i would for myself. >> bill: as hard as he would for himself. sam will be along to talk jobs. also, tom buffer berger, the president -- tom buffenbarger will join us and brad woodhouse is the communications director for the democratic national committee. he's a real fighter. and is going to be in here to -- in studio with us to talk about how they're going to take the battle to mitt romney and in fact, they've already started to do so. let's get into all of that. but first dan. >> this is the "full court press." >> on this monday, other headlines making news, the masters -- >> april 9. >> the masters went into a playoff yesterday as bubba
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watson and louis oosthuizen were tied. 72 holes. watson saved par on the second playoff hole. the tenth at augusta by landing on the green by a shot in the trees, putted in one. the american rallied back from as far as four shots off the lead. he was ten under par going into the playoffs. >> bill: he's one cool customer. he was one or two down and he just kept -- you know, kept in there, kept focused and oosthuizen was also just absolutely phenomenal, i thought and phil mickelson. >> lefty. he was great too. the white house easter egg roll is today. 35,000 people are expected to attend the event on the south lawn hosted by the first family. it is the 134th year running. several celebrities, chefs and cartoon characters will be on hand along with first dog bo who
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will be trotting around wearing bunny rabbit ears. it is part of michelle obama's let's move campaign. over 200,000 people requested tickets for this. they were given out to a lottery. 30,000 given out. >> bill: i have to tell you, in the briefing room at the white house, among reporters people were scrambling for tickets for the easter egg roll. they're hard to get and even for people who cover the white house every day, you do not automatically get tickets. i didn't even try for any. we were out of town but everybody was asking -- i got e-mails from bill plante is one of the senior people with cbs at the white house asking me if i had an extra ticket to the easter egg roll. >> it is amazing. and it is common knowledge that paparazzi photographers have inside contacts to help them get inside access to celebrities and sometimes they get in trouble. virgin atlantic airlines employee had to resign over the weekend after getting caught
4:10 am
passing sensitive flight information from celebrity eye tintaries to big pictures, a big paparazzi agency. targeted celebrities whose information was passed on included scarlett johansson, rihanna and ma madonna according to "the associated press." >> bill: you always wonder how that stuff gets around. >> and leaks. >> bill: and now we know. >> there it is. you get in trouble when you get caught. >> bill: all right, so the jobs numbers came out on friday. we brought them to you at 8:30 friday morning. 8:30 east coast time as soon as they were released. not as probust as -- robust as some people had hoped. what does it all mean? we turn to our good friend from corvis communications, stan col ender. >> did dan let the paparazzi know i would be on the show this morning? >> bill: they thought you were going to be here in person and
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they're all gathered outside the studio. you're going to disappoint them mightily by just being on the phone. >> dan won't get his payment either. >> bill: stan, said -- people were saying it is looking good. it will be the fourth month in a row over 200,000. came out at 120,000. what's -- what happened. >> it shows you how much things have changed. six, nine months ago 120,000 new jobs in a month would have been considered a victory. expectations have changed. that's one thing. second is there was -- there is some thought and although there is no evidence, absolutely the evidence of it is theory at this point, we borrowed ahead. job growth is higher than it should have been in the first three months -- the last three months and so things are just catching up now and that perhaps some of the warmer weather we had during the winter now won't
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be replicated in the economic activity that happened then won't be replicated afterwards as the weather is not that much better at this point. the answer is nobody really knows and if you looked at the previous months, the number of jobs were reassigned upward. so, it is possible that we're going to get some upward reassessment next month when it happens. i don't think there's any doubt about it that this is not the big, robust economic recovery that -- the increase in jobs that people were hoping for number one and number two that you know, people used to have back in the '50s and '60s when we came out of recession. it is important to remember that the 2001 recession, we didn't get back to the previous level of jobs until 2007. >> bill: it took that long. >> it took that long and this was a much deeper recession than that was and a much more difficult one. we didn't have the political problems coming out of this one with that prevented the
4:13 am
president from getting the stimulus that he wanted. >> bill: it is true what you say. 120,000, it is a lot better than losing 50,000 or losing whatever. it is over 100,000 new jobs created, private sector jobs and yet all of the headlines saturday morning were disappointing -- i'm paraphrasing but along the lines of disappointing job reports not as big as expected. it was all emphasizing the negative rather than positive. how about the fact that unemployment dipped to 8.2 from 8.3%? >> there's good news and bad news there. we can't sugar coat this completely. it is good that the unemployment level dropped and it will probably continue to drop but with the number of jobs only increasing by 100 -- only, increasing by 120,000 what it means is that some people dropped out so that is the denominator in the equation kind of fell. now, you know, some of that is natural. some of it is not.
4:14 am
but you still can't sugar coat -- you still can't put a black drape over the fact that unemployment is falling and it has gone from 9.1% to 8.2% in a relatively short period of time. that's not insignificant. i keep going back though to the fact that when the president asked for a very very substantial stimulus package republicans said no. they said no and they said no and as a result, the economy hasn't been growing as robustly. the stimulus recovery hasn't been as good as it could have been or should have been had we done what was needed. had a number of the best economists said the stimulus was too small. we're seeing that. it is let's not forget there was a political factor here. this is not pure economics at work. >> paul krugman has made that point over and over again. >> bill: stan col ender is our guest. you can follow him at capital gains and
4:15 am
>> thank you for mentioning it. you get the usual percentage. >> bill: we like to give our friends a plug. i saw a piece by robert rice, former labor secretary on one of the blogs. his own blog over the weekend about what the job numbers mean and his take is that -- just want to see if you concur with this that one of the reasons that employers aren't hiring is because there's no demand, right? in terms of if i can use his word, employers won't hire without enough sales to justify the additional hires so the consumers have to come in to make the sales but the people are not coming in to buy the products because they don't have the cash. >> right. and also because we've been telling consumers for what, three or four years now don't borrow. deleverage. get out of debt. in addition, you know, i keep going back to the fact that some of the consumers demand in 2007,
4:16 am
2006, even toward the end of -- until the end of 2008 was artificially created. it was based on a housing bubble that was incorrect, that was overly optimistic, that had prices way too high. the people were borrowing against the people. the wealth effect we were talking about i think back then, so, you know it is -- its consumers are understandably a little nervous. 25% of all homes are underwater. >> bill: are we still -- given that this report is not as positive, not as big not as robust as we were hoping, are we still moving in the right direction? >> absolutely. >> bill: is the economy still improving? >> absolutely. if you were at a mall this weekend, any mall anywhere in the country, you know how difficult it was to find parking. that wasn't just because it was easter weekend and people were feeling good about life or had a couple of days off or something like that. there are some statistics that don't get reported but are actually as accurate as unemployment. if you saw what was going on in the malls if you've seen what's happened the last month and a half, two months, suddenly
4:17 am
consumers are starting to come back. they're looking as much as they are buying but you know, two years ago, they weren't even driving to the mall. that's in spite of higher gasoline prices. twear starting to see some of those things. we're seeing auto sales pick up. what we're not seeing obviously is housing and that's something that will be a very, very long lag indicator given the deep problems in the industry. >> bill: report on the news last night that we're talking looking at $4 a gallon gasoline by the end of the week. could that be the bummer here that screws it all up? >> first of all, i think in a lot of the parts of the country we're there. we're already there. a lot of other parts of the country are already there. one of the other reports from last week is that this increase in gasoline prices doesn't seem to be as hurting as much. one, it is not as big as it was in 2008 when gasoline prices rose 35% within a relatively short period of time. two, people are driving more efficient cars now.
4:18 am
three, because of previous situations, they've learned how to bundle their shopping. >> bill: combine trips. >> plus, as alan greenspan used to say internet shopping is changing the way people buy and they don't have to drive to pick things up. that's a huge difference. >> bill: absolutely. stan, we'll tell the paparazzi they'll have to wait until the next time you're in studio to find you. we appreciate your time as always. thanks, stan. >> take care,. >> bill:. >> bill: good to talk to you. by the way secretary of labor hilda was going to join us this morning. slee had to take a trip to california. the secretary will be here this morning with us to talk about these latest job numbers and get her assessment on where we're going, how the economy is improving, what we can expect in the -- on the job front. she'll be here with us in studio on wednesday morning.
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it's completely inappropriate for television. it's completely inappropriate for television.
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the newest voice in cable news is on the new news network. >>it is an independent progressive voice and i love >>jennifer granholm joins current tv. a former two term governor. >>people like somebody who's got a spine. >>determined to find solutions... >>we need government to ensure that people have freedom. >>driven to find the truth... >>what's really going on? >>fearless, independent and above all, politically direct.
4:22 am
>> announcer: this is the "bill press show." >> bill: politically direct all day long on current tv. starting right now with the "full court press." and the "bill press show." good to you have with us. today. 25 minutes after the hour, we're going to try something very different in the next segment of the show. good friend of mine from los angeles, roy zimmerman is a political satirist and singer and guitarist. he will be in studio to play
4:23 am
some of his latest political hits. hits in more ways than one. looking forward to seeing roy and visiting with roy and you'll love his work. on the political front. in the sunday talk shows yesterday, of some our good friends were out there delivering the message chairperson debra wasserman schultz from the d next c talking about this republican war on women. yes, it is real. yes, it exists and yes republican party is leading it. >> the focus be -- on the republican party on turning back the clock for women really is something that is unacceptable and shows how callous and insensitive they are toward women's priorities. >> bill: yes. in terms of their negative reaction to that jobs report, we were just talking to stan collender about debbie wasserman schultz says it is very simple. they want america to fail. >> it almost seems like my
4:24 am
american colleagues in congress, mitt romney are rooting for economic failure. >> bill: that's what they want. they can't stand the fact the economy is getting better. they can't stand the fact the unemployment rate is dropping and that we're adding over 100,000 jobs for 24, 25 months in a row because their whole agenda is and their whole message is and their whole campaign is based on we need mr. fix it to come in and fix what. there ain't much more for mitt romney to fix. dick durbin, number two member of the -- number two leading democrat in the united states senate from illinois was also on one of the sunday shows and talked about the fact that big mistake, mitt romney, tying himself so closely to the house republican budget authored by paul ryan. >> governor mitt romney's approach to this thing sadly is a return to the same economic policy we had under president
4:25 am
bush that brought on the worst recession since the great depression. >> bill: dick durbin on "meet the press" and he like debbie wasserman schultz spoke about the jobs report released friday that we just talked to stan collender about. >> we've had seven straight months where the unemployment rate has gone down or not gone up. we've had 26 months of economic growth. we're on the right track. like the president, we want this to move more quickly. >> we all want it to move more quickly. you have to keep coming back to january 2009. george bush's last month in office when we lost, lost, lost over 700,000 jobs that one month. when you have 120,000 new jobs, you're damn right that's good news. roy zimmerman coming up next here on the "full court press." >> announcer: this is the "bill press show."
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the ted conference held here every year in southern california is an event designed to bring the brightest minds in the world together to share their most powerful, influential and creative ideas. the speakers share a common goal, making the world a better, smarter place through innovation, technology and the power of big ideas. nearly 300 years ago, the italian physicist alessandro volta accidentally discovered what we now call the battery. the device consisted of two different metals attached to a frog's leg. when he applied a spark, the frog's leg moved. nowadays, batteries are essential components of our everyday lives. but mit's dr. sadoway is working on the next big leap forward, with something he calls a liquid battery. the
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liquid battery can make power plants more efficient and allow us to use renewable energy even when the sun isn't shining or the wind isn't blowing. sadoway's battery works like a traditional one. but inside it, everything is liquid. so it can be scaled up to 400 times the size of a traditional battery. just as revolutionary as the frog's leg, but much more powerful. scion: what moves you.
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>> announcer: this is the "full court press," the "bill press show" live on your radio and on current tv. >> bill: how about it. 33 minutes after the hour. happy monday, april 9. good to see you today. welcome back to the "full court press." and welcome to the book party virtual book party going on over my new book "the obama hate machine." check it out on with our web site at "bill press show."com/book party. encourage your friends and family to get a copy of the obama hate machine.
4:31 am
you have probably already read it. the more copies you sell, the more goodies you get t-shirts and golf shirts and caps and mugs and the top two winners in the book party will come to washington, d.c. at our expense hotel, airfare taken care of. come in, watch the show and then we'll take you out to breakfast afterwards at ted's bulletin down the street where president obama took his staff for lunch. it is a good place. it is a fun place. >> it sounds like a pyramid scheme to me, bill. >> bill: you bet it is. in studio with us, good friend, roy zimmerman who writes his own songs, sings them. he blasts the republicans. we like his politics and his music. roy, good to see you. >> so great to see you. >> bill: we go back to days of kfi in los angeles when you and your friends used to come into studio and proceed. >> i'm counting the crow feet now. >> bill: roy has a new album out called "you're getting
4:32 am
sleepy." this album, just out, right? >> just out, yeah, exactly. >> bill: you're taking it around the country? >> i made a campaign promise to perform in all 50 states before the republican national convention. >> bill: good for you. you know, i don't even think mitt romney will hit all 50 states. >> it is not a good campaign strategy, i'm discovering. >> bill: have you been to alaska yet? >> i started in alaska. >> bill: did you. >> i was smart enough to do that. >> bill: get that one out of the way. then you probably spent three weeks in ha why yee. >> i haven't yet. gearing up for that. no. but you know, my idea is to get out across the country go to all of the red states and meet the most progressive people in the least progressive places in the country. >> bill: i have to tell you alabama. we have discovered, especially now on current tv, alabama has pockets of good, solid redneck
4:33 am
yellow belly -- >> dog. >> bill: yellow dog democrats. they call in and they're great. >> i did a great show in birmingham. i've been saying everywhere in the reddest of states, there are bright blue dots. usually in basements with their arms linked. but then i got to birmingham and there is a group there called bright blue d ox -- dot. >> bill: roy zimmerman's album is you're getting sleepy. the republican machine. >> i'll show you what it is about. >> bill: here he is roy zimmerman. ♪ offshore drilling is completely safe ♪ ♪ you're getting sleepy ♪
4:34 am
♪ tax cuts for the rich create new jobs ♪ ♪ you're getting sleepy ♪ ♪ financial institutions will police themselves and illegal aliens are stealing all of your pens ♪ ♪ now, when i count to three and could snap my fingers you'll awake refreshed and vote republican ♪ ♪ i'm not saying barack obama is a foreign-born islamist puppy eater ♪ ♪ i'm not saying that ♪ ♪ i'm saying you decide ♪ ♪ there's no evidence to suggest that nancy pelosi is a thousand-year-old nazi vampire but that's what i heard somebody said that, it was me ♪ ♪ democrats want to put you in a reeducation camp and kill your grandma and bring stalin back to
4:35 am
life ♪ ♪ now when i snap my fingers vote republican ♪ ♪ government is the problem ♪ ♪ vote for us and we'll prove it ♪ ♪ john boehner uses no tanning products ♪ ♪ sleepy ♪ ♪ mitt romney is a regular guy ♪ ♪ so sleepy ♪ ♪ sarah palin is a real anything ♪ ♪ ronald reagan, sleepy, sleepy ♪ ♪ so, when i turn the washington mall into a private putting green, you'll vote republican ♪ ♪ and when i turn the social security over to a bunch of drunken day traders you'll vote republican ♪ ♪ when i drag the nation through
4:36 am
eight years of carnage and incompetence and leave the place a bigger mess than lindsay lohan's trailer ♪ ♪ then blame the democrats for cleaning up too slow ♪ ♪ you will awake confused, refreshed, somewhat paranoid and you'll remember nothing ♪ ♪ and vote republican ♪ ♪ you're getting sleepy ♪ ♪ republican ♪ ♪ and somewhat sheepy ♪ ♪ republican ♪ ♪ lula buysend -- ♪ lula buy ♪ >> that's the message. you got it down. that's exactly the message. you could put quotes around every line. people are saying it must be easy to do satire now because -- >> bill: because there's so much material. >> but with the g.o.p.s saying
4:37 am
the things they're saying because it is harder. there's competition. it must be satire. they're taking an absurd point of view and extrapolating on that to the nth degree. >> bill: what i find astounding is you can remember the words to that song. >> every state that i visit on my 50 state tour, i'm putting up a new verse. youtube will become crowded for verses about the latest absurdness. >> bill: because you keep adding stuff. you could add chuck grassley this weekend calling the president stupid. we talked about that earlier. >> sure. exactly. >> bill: roy's latest album is you're getting sleepy. he just sang the lead song to that and you can follow roy and at roy no relation to george zimmerman. >> people used to say are you related to dylan. that will fade. >> bill: how about mitt rom?
4:38 am
mitt romney? >> he's good fodder. >> bill: his dog. >> he had his own 9-9-9 plan. he's richer than 99.9% of americans. that's the plan. he's richer than 99.9% of the richest americans. they're forming their own occupy movement to play bongos in his driveway. >> bill: tell us about mitt romney. ♪ >> talk about material. mitt is made for you. >> bill: roy zimmerman. ♪ some say mitt romney ♪ ♪ he's tone-deaf ♪ ♪ that he gives cluelessness a bad name ♪ ♪ that he doesn't know any middle class people ♪ ♪ just people who own them ♪ ♪ but i say no and so ♪
4:39 am
♪ i sing a song ♪ ♪ of mitt romney ♪ ♪ right in tune with the times ♪ ♪ the pitch perfect republican nominee ♪ ♪ and he rhymes with america ♪ [ laughter ] ♪ some would tell you that mitt romney is a flip-flopper ♪ >> bill: no. ♪ no he's not, yes, he is, no, he's not yes he is, no, he's not ♪ ♪ some would tell you that mitt romney is a dog lover. >> bill: no, he's not. ♪ actually no but he says that. ♪ some say mitt romney, he's an android ♪ ♪ that he's bob dole only
4:40 am
boring ♪ ♪ that when the romney campaign makes robo calls he makes them himself ♪ ♪ but i say he's not as out of touch, tone-deaf ♪ ♪ so, sing a song of mitt romney ♪ ♪ he's the man that came of the hour ♪ ♪ sing a song of mitt romney ♪ ♪ the perfect cure for insomnia ♪ ♪ with cheesy hominy ♪ ♪ and he rhymes with america ♪ ♪ he rhymes with america ♪ ♪ because that rhymes with
4:41 am
generica. >> bill: you got it. that's tough to purposely sing off-key. i think you were purposely weren't you? [ laughter ] >> yes okay. >> bill: okay. great to have you in studio. roy zimmerman. roy you're getting sleepy is the new album. look for roy to show up somewhere in your state. >> yeah, thank you so much for having me on bill. >> bill: come back any time. >> i certainly will. >> announcer: radio meets television. the "bill press show." now on current tv. our democracy here. just refreshing to hear.
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no other television show does that. we're keeping it real.
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it's completely inappropriate for television.
4:45 am
>> announcer: heard around the country and seen on current tv, this is the "bill press show." >> bill: 12 minutes before the top of the hour. brad woodhouse for the democratic national committee in studio with us in the next hour followed by bill buffenbarger the president of the machine's union. yesterday, it is easter sunday, most of the sunday talk shows will invite somebody on to talk about religion and on "face the nation" yesterday, it was -- i mean, boy, i know you're going to think that i enjoy beating up on the catholic bishops. i really don't. it is just they're so wrong about so many issues. cardinal dolan from new york was on "face the nation" with bob
4:46 am
schieffer and said three things i find outrageous. first of all, on the whole priest sexual abuse scandal which has not only brought disgrace to the catholic church in this country and around the world but has also bankrupted the catholic church, cardinal dolan says nah it wasn't so bad. actually, a lot of good has come out of this. >> the eyes of faith, we always know that difficulties can purify us and strengthen us and we're seeing that. for instance, we got a slight increase in vocations to the priesthood and the young men coming in will say it is really the tough times it is really the scandals that almost inspired my vocation because i saw the need for virtuous, hard-working priests and a catholic church that's reinvigorated. i want to be part of that renewal so god can always bring good out of bad. i think that's what we're seeing out of the church. >> bill: tell of the men who were abused of boys that this is good for the church and by the
4:47 am
way, he's -- only reason those churches today have priests at all is because the american church is importing priests from africa and india and other parts of the world. second thing that the cardinal said, he said he agreed with rick santorum about john f. kennedy. remember a month or so ago santorum said when he read kennedy's speech, the classic speech he gave to the baptist ministers in houston back in 1960 when he was a catholic candidate for president and said that if i'm elected president you don't have to worry that i will be taking my orders from the pope. i'm a loyal catholic and i am true to my faith but i'm also true to my country and true to my constitutional and my first loyalty is to this country and to the constitution of the united states. rick santorum said he read that and he wanted to go out and throw up. timothy dolan agreed with rick santorum on that.
4:48 am
and that kennedy unfortunately was saying that there's no place for a man of faith in the american politics today and that's exactly the opposite of what john f. kennedy our first catholic president was saying. he said i'm a catholic. i'm running for president. i can serve for president. i will be a loyal president and a good president following the constitution and the law of the land because that's my first priority. exactly the way it ought to be. and then finally, cardinal dolan gets back on this birth control and trying to deny they want birth control because they don't think it is right. it is a policy. they've been against that and the artificial birth control since 1968. they want the law of the land. they want american law to prohibit any woman, any woman, not just catholic woman, from getting birth control. they're trying to make it an
4:49 am
issue of religious freedom. >> we still find ourselves in a very tough spot. we're still going to continue to express what we believe is not just a religious point of view but a constitutional point of view that america is at her best when our citizens aren't forced to violate their deepest held, moral convictions. >> that's exactly what the church -- what the government, the obama administration is not doing. it is not telling the church it has to change its position. it is not telling catholics they have to use bit control. it is not telling the priests they're wrong. it is saying every woman has access to it. it is up to her whether she decides to use it or not. if she goes along with the teaching of the church and 98% of catholic women do not. so that's the church's problem. not our problem. and it is no interference with religious freedom at all and yet dolan keeps saying man we're going to continue to fight obama. >> we didn't ask for the fight
4:50 am
but we're not going to back away from it. what i would say is this yeah, i don't think religion should be too involved in politics but i also don't think the government in politics should be overly involved in the church. that's our problem here. you've got a dramatic, rad alintrusion of a bureaucracy and the internal life of the church. that bothers me. hear me say hey, i would like to back away from this. i have other things to worry about and bigger fish to fry than this. our problem is the government is intruding into the life of faith and in the church that they shouldn't be doing. >> bill: oh, no, no, no. it is just the opposite. it is catholic church demanding that the congress and the white house do the bidding of the catholic church and make contraception illegal and deny american women the health protection that they deserve. and the catholic church ought to butt out of it and if not, maybe we ought to take a look at the
4:51 am
tax-exempt status of the catholic church. >> announcer: this is the "bill press show." if you have copd like i do you know how hard it can be to breathe and what that feels like. copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiriva helps control my copd symptoms by keeping my airways open a full 24 hours. plus, it reduces copd flare-ups. spiriva is the only once-daily inhaled
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♪ radio meets television, the "bill press show" now on current tv. >> bill: another big hour coming up here in studio. brad woodhouse, communications director for the democratic national committee. find out how the dnc plans to take the battle to mitt romney. they've already started, actually. and then we'll talk economy. talk jobs. talk manufacturing with tom buffenbarger, the president of the machinist's union who will be also our in-studio guest.
4:54 am
president obama, busy day down at the white house today. he'll get the daily briefing at 9:40 this morning. all of these east coast time of course. at 10:30, he and the fist family, the girls and first lady will be out on the south lawn for the white house easter egg roll with some 20,000, 30,000 of their closest friends. this afternoon, later in the morning, the president will be holding a bilateral meeting with the president of brazil then he has one on one meetings this afternoon first with secretary of state hillary clinton and then with secretary of the -- the treasury secretary tim geithner late this afternoon at 4:50 p.m. jay carney will be holding his daily briefing at 1:30. i will be there in my seat in row number five representing all of you. brad woodhouse next.
4:55 am
4:56 am
>> bill: good morning. happy monday monday, april 9. great to see you today. welcome to the "full court press." the "bill press show," your newest morning show here on current tv. good to be with you as we tackle the big stories in our nation's capital, around the globe. take your calls on what everything means to you and to your family. lots of stuff to talk about today. but the big question i have is when is this name-calling, ugly name-calling against president obama going to stop? remember, it was last week or so, rush limbaugh called
4:57 am
president obama a jack ass. it was last week that karl rove, senior counselor to president bush called president obama a thug and now over the weekend iowa senator chuck grassley says the president is just plain stupid. remember the days when if you didn't like the man, at least you respected the office of the presidency? those days exist no more. not with this guy. that's just one of the things we'll be talking about here on the "full court press." first, all of the latest here in this current tv news update from out in los angeles, jacki schechner. good morning. >> good morning, bill. good morning, everyone. the next republican presidential primary is still a couple of weeks away and a lot could change as to who's in and who's out by then but everybody's still officially in as of right now and mitt romney is all but officially the republican nominee. he's got a free day today. so does ron paul. rick santorum is going to take the day off and spend it with his daughter, bella. she's 3 years old and has a severe congenital condition.
4:58 am
she's been in the hospital since friday. he does actually have a schedule for later in the week in pennsylvania and st. louis. so, there is no indication he's taking the full week off. newt gingrich who has admitted his campaign is not just broke but actually in debt said he's going to stay in the race until the convention in august because he wants to influence the party's platform but he's admitted mitt romney is likely to be the nominee and he will be supportive. he continues to campaign in north carolina. in other news, we're still following the shooting of trayvon martin down in florida. "the new york daily news" is taking a look at the possibility that martin's parents could file a civil suit against the homeowner's association where george zimmerman lives. they cite a newsletter that circulated in february that pointed out zimmerman was the go-to liaison in the community for anyone who had crime issues so we'll see if that pans out, if zimmerman gets off in criminal court. stay with us. we'll be back right after the
4:59 am
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i think its brilliant. >>current tv welcomes two new hosts. news and analysis with a washington perspective from an emmy winning insider. >>i know this stuff and i love it and i try to bring that to the show. >>and humor and politics with a west coast edge. >>politically direct means no bs, cutting through the clutter.
5:02 am
>>bill press and stephanie miller, current's new morning news block. weekdays six to noon. >> announcer: broadcasting across the nation on your radio and on current tv, this is the "bill press show." >> bill: and the winner is bubba! yeah, well, when you have a golf tournament in the south, you expect the winner to be named bubba. he pulled it out in overtime or the playoff whatever. hello, everybody. good to see you today. it is monday april 9. this is the "full court press." your news show on current tv. your morning show. and continuing to come to you live on all of your local and favorite progressive radio stations around the country. great to see you today. thank you so much for joining
5:03 am
us. look here in studio with us, very important man good friend communications director for the democratic national committee, brad woodhouse. nice to see you. >> thanks, bill for having me. >> bill: welcome in to our new tv studio. >> congratulations. this is great. >> bill: nice to have all of our friends back. >> great for progressive radio and progressive tv. >> bill: progressive radio meets progressive tv. takes it up a notch. we welcome you to the show. to all of our listeners and viewers, remember, you can join the conversation any time. we've got another seat at the table here brad, right? and that's your seat. the way you take that seat is give us a call at 866-55-press. that's our toll-free number. and brad, join me in saying good morning to peter who has the day off. dan henning in charge this morning. >> hey, dan. >> with the help of stevie lee
5:04 am
webb. >> good morning, good morning. >> bill: cyprian bolding is the man behind the camera there. cyprian. brad, we -- mitt romney is saying the economy is going to hell in a handbasket and he's the only man who can fix it. i want you to give us the truth here. >> well, it is fairly incredible. we get to the end of the month or we get to that time when the unemployment numbers come out. it seems like republicans are just waiting with baited breath for bad numbers. they want numbers that you know that reflect something wrong with the economy instead of cheering for success. i mean i understand they want to win -- they want to win a political election but as the chairman said this weekend, we should all be trying to pull forward and try to create jobs. but let's put all of this in perspective. we created 120,000 jobs in this country last month. it was less than expected. the last month of president
5:05 am
bush's administration, he lost like 750,000 jobs. that's 870,000 different. so, we're certainly moving in the right direction. the president said we need to move there faster, more needs to be done. republicans don't seem to have any interest in doing the things that we with know work to create jobs. they simply -- want to go back to doing the things that failed in the bush administration but they don't want to invest in infrastructure roads teachers, firefighters, police bridges high-speed rail. those are the types of things we need to be doing. >> bill: good news is bad news for them. >> exactly. that's exactly the way they look at it. they want to spend -- they want to spin something negative out of anything positive. look economists had expectations for the jobs report. they said it at about 200,000. we came in at about 120,000. look, we still created a substantial number of jobs. over the past 25 months, we've created more than 4.1 million
5:06 am
private sector jobs. what did mitt romney do when he was governor of massachusetts? 47th out of 50. this is captain economy. this is the guy that -- he knows it all. you listen to him, i've never heard anyone on the campaign trail so, sound so arrogant about all that they know and all that they know how to do. and he -- he talks very convincingly, he knows how to create jobs and improve the economy. his record doesn't bear that out. >> bill: well, in fact, here is mitt romney on friday where he, again, is making the case that we need mr. fix it, right? here's mitt. >> we have a president who i think is a nice guy but he spent too much time at harvard perhaps or maybe just not enough time actually working in the real world. i think that create jobs in the private sector, it would help if you had a job in the private sector. >> if i was putting a car
5:07 am
elevator in my mansion in la jolla california, i don't think i would be talking about who knows what about the real world. this is the president who helped organize workers. this is a president who went door-to-door. i mean, they like to drive the fact he was a community organizer. what do you think mitt romney has ever gone door-to-door for anybody but himself. the president was doing that for other people and look, if i were benefitting from the tax rate he's benefitting from, if i was worth a quarter billion dollars if i was hiding my tax returns from the american people, i don't think i would be making those type charges because they're just going to come back to haunt you. >> bill: yeah and also, the guy has -- well, it is kind of hard for him to identify or to -- give the impression that he is able to identify with most americans. with working families. >> you know, i think that's absolutely true. he's shown that repeatedly on the campaign trail.
5:08 am
when you reach across the state and say i'll bet you $10,000 you're not demonstrating you're somebody that connects with regular people. but let's set aside who connects -- >> bill: making money on the speech. >> $300,000. let's set all of that aside. the policies he wants to adopt. the man who says he's mr. fix it has just ripped every one of his policies out of the republican playbook of the last three decades. there's nothing original there. there's nothing that says wow, boy, that mitt romney has a great, new idea. more tax breaks for the rich. protect tax breaks for big oil. protect low tax rates for hedge fund managers and cut the hell out of everything else. you know, cut medicare. you know cut social security. cut investments and the type of things that built this country and investments and infrastructure and high-speed rail and research and development and alternative sources of energy. and just -- just give the money
5:09 am
to more people like me and you know, we'll let it trickle down. never does. >> bill: brad woodhouse is the communications director for the democratic national committee. he's in charge of our message and doing a damn good job of getting it out there. you can follow them at brad, what i found interesting is that mitt romney, he hasn't just said paul ryan's got some good ideas. he's said paul ryan is the man and this plan is my plan. >> budget marvelous. >> bill: marvelous. right. when i'm president, i hope that's on my desk as a bill and i'll sign it on day one. so, romney and ryan are one in the same. >> they are one in the same and it is interesting because you know, connie mack, a republican from florida and a brief bout of honesty said the paul ryan budget is a joke. he said it is a joke. they purport to talk about we gotta cut these programs and get rid of planned parenthood
5:10 am
funding and cut programs for the poor and for education and for higher education because we've gotta get this budget under control. the president said you've got $4.6 trillion in tax cuts. all you do is compound the deficit problem. they'll tell you it is the people's money. give it back. mitt romney, we shouldn't borrow money on things that we don't need. they want to borrow money to give tax cuts to the rich. they want to borrow money from china to continue giving oil companies you know generous tax break when they're making billions and billions in profit. you talk about something nonsensical, borrowing money from china to give people in upper income bracket the tax break. that's what paul ryan wants to do. paul ryan's budget, i don't want to sit here and say it is a joke -- >> bill: connie mack has already said it for us. >> but the suggestion that it's fiscally responsible is a joke.
5:11 am
>> bill: even to me, the suggestion that it adds up. >> right. >> bill: what you expect of a budget is you can add it up and you hear -- at the end it does what somebody says it does. his doesn't. >> it doesn't. >> bill: it identifies $800 billion in tax loopholes. i don't get -- maybe you can explain it. i don't get the almost adulation that the media has for paul ryan. they treat him like some -- you know -- the second coming of the republican party. >> i guess it is part because in his own party, they have anointed him in that way. i don't want to sit here and suggest that i don't think that paul ryan is a serious legislator. we just have serious disagreements with him but like with mitt romney, they go out and say we got these great ideas. this is the way to jump start the economy. when you peel it back, it is the
5:12 am
same stuff we were doing in the bush years. it is the tax breaks for the wealthy, cutting out regulations that are good for consumers that are good for the economy. you know, so it is just out of the same playbook. they just dust the same thing off. there's nothing new about it. the president wants to do new things and make new investments. they just keep going back to the same ole playbook. for all due respect to paul ryan, just about anybody could have written that budget. >> bill: where can our listeners and viewers -- because you put out some good stuff from the dnc. i'm not just blowing smoke. >> you can blow smoke all you want. >> bill: can people sign up for your blast e-mail? >> there are a couple of things. one is to definitely follow us on twitter at the democrats. >> bill: at the democrats. >> we're constantly using that to put out fact checks on what the republicans are --
5:13 am
>> bill: you'll take something that romney says or boehner says and you'll put out the facts. at the democrats. >> will always tweet out the document or whatever. then on our blog at and then i would encourage people who really want to dig even deeper is to sign up go to barack and sign up for the truth teams. and the truth team, there is a whole bunch -- there is not only stuff there that can get you informed, there's ways you can get involved. that you can take control of correcting the record and -- >> bill: hey dan we ought to make sure to put a link up on the web site. twitter at the democrats. or barack again, join the conversation. 866-55-press. brad, can we take a quick call here? >> absolutely. >> bill: marsha is up early in culver city, california.
5:14 am
gotta give her some credit. >> caller: hi, how are you guys. i'm a junky for news and bill press you're right i'm up every day early. >> bill: good for you. >> caller: what i want the democrats to do, this is a suggestion. i heard you two talking about all of the technology, the blogs and the twitter but you got a lot of folk that are democrats that don't get the information because they're not technology savvy. i would hope that you guys would use some of the money you've raised and do some commercials on tv and talk about how the republicans are cutting our public sector jobs. they're talking about private sector jobs that are not enough but hear about how many jobs we've lost in our cities and states because they refuse to do the right thing. put it on tv and let folks see it. because we try to spread the word us little on the ground. if you hit them with a couple of commercials and make them start
5:15 am
seeing the difference, we'll have a sweet november i'm hoping. keep up the good work and thanks a lot. >> bill: i think she will see some tv spots. >> she will see some tv spots. i think she brings up an excellent point. it is the insidious nature of the republican party's approach to government. they slash government to the bone. government doesn't perform the way people want and then they say we've gotta slash government to the bone and you know, it is just not -- it is nonsensical. then you get a republican president in a time like hurricane katrina and you kind of see -- you kind of see what happens when you just derived government and then you need and then all of a sudden, it doesn't perform to people's expectations. it is a self-fulfilling prophecy. she's absolutely right. the job reports would be better if so many public sector employees weren't being laid off. >> bill: yeah. and the house republicans had a chance -- there was a bill from
5:16 am
part of the president's job he broke it down into bite-size pieces. juan was to keep teachers and firefighters and police officers on the job. >> shouldn't be a crazy investment to keep teachers, police officers and firefighters on the job. >> bill: one wouldn't think. it is "full court press" here monday, april 9. our guest is the communications director of the dnc. brad woodhouse. we'll be right back. >> announcer: this is the "bill press show." no other television show does that. we're keeping it real. [[vo]]cenk uygur calls out the mainstream media. >>the rest of the media seems like, "ho-hum, no big deal." we've have no choice, we've lost our democracy here. just refreshing to hear.
5:17 am
no other television show does that. we're keeping it real.
5:18 am
5:19 am
it's completely inappropriate for television. >> announcer: heard around the
5:20 am
country and seen on current tv this is the "bill press show." >> bill: so, what's going on with jobs in this country and what's going on with american manufacturing? tom buffenbarger, ahead -- head of the machinist's union will be joining us next. brad woodhouse is with the democratic national committee. before we get back to your calls at 866-55-press, what it looks like is mitt romney is going to be the republican nominee. >> he is. that's right. >> bill: as we see it today. >> that's right. we'll see what rick santorum decides to do. the truth is if rick santorum decides to stay in the race and can win a state or two, it will take awhile for romney to get -- >> bill: your focus for the last few months has been romney. >> absolutely. one, romney and his super pac have had their resources to train the fire on the president. we've been very interested in
5:21 am
him. it will be the economy and you know what? he'll want to put on trial the past four years. we'll put on trial what happened in massachusetts. it is interesting bill. go to a mitt romney campaign event and i've been to a couple. see how little he talks about his time as governor. almost devoid. it is almost attacks on the president. a little bit of business experience. but he has nothing to say about his time as governor and when you dig in there is a pretty good reason why. the only thing he really accomplished there, he can't talk about any longer which is healthcare and then the rest of it was a pretty shotty record on the economy and jobs and manufacturing. it is not a record to run on and who knows, maybe it explains why he ran for president instead of re-election. >> bill: front page of "the new york times" reporting that the super pac karl rove's super pac american crossroads has about $200 million in the bank.
5:22 am
they're going to start probably by the end of this week, the first round of tv ads against president obama. democrats going to be able to compete? >> we're going to do the best we can. i mean i think everybody knows there has been a lot of reporting on this. the super pacs on the democratic side don't have nearly the resources for wharf reason, donors on our side aren't as concerned about super pacs probably the same reason the president was reluctant to deal with super pacs. we shouldn't have the outside special interests determining the outcome of elections. they shouldn't have a bigger say than an average person writing a small dollar check to a campaign or making no donation but going to vote. >> bill: let me interrupt you. i want to bring mel in here from port st. lucie florida. >> caller: good morning, bill, brad. how are you this morning? i want to be quick and proficient. >> bill: go ahead. >> caller: world war ii, people have to get a little history what the women did when the
5:23 am
soldiers went off. they fixed airplanes made airplanes and tanks but getting back to what i really called about, what democratic party should keep on saying. that is do nothing congress. gotta keep saying do nothing congress like fdr did. >> bill: about 30 seconds for brad's response. >> you know, look, he's absolutely right. when it comes to the republican leadership in the house, they have just sat on their hands. they've refuse to the help the president move the country forward and it is going to be noticed in this campaign that they have played politics rather than trying to help move the country forward. >> bill: it is the history for the last two years boehner of no no, no. jobs bill, whatever it was. >> jobs bill grand bargain you go all the way down the line, they have refused to work with this president. they're trying to throw a few little pieces of wood on the fire now. >> bill: brad woodhouse keep up the good fight.
5:24 am
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5:30 am
you're moving up in the world and we're proud to be a sponsor of this program. >> bill: not as happy as we are to be here. so, tom, you heard the numbers on friday. 120,000 new jobs created in the month of march. unemployment going from 8.3 to 8.2. what was your reaction? >> veries ady pointed in that -- very disappointed in that number because that's a 1/10 of a drop in the unemployment rate. given the number of jobs created, it boils down to the fact more people have quit looking for work again. this is a bad sign for the economy. we have been kind of on that hopeful upward roll in the past couple of months. we need, now that we're getting into fair weather months across this country, we need to see the unemployment numbers significantly drop by the creation of many tens of thousands of new jobs. >> bill: it was interesting -- what you're saying basically is
5:31 am
120,000, it is better than losing 120,000 but it is not where we have to be. >> we created 120,000 new jobs but that's not even keeping up with the statistics and the formula the government uses to figure out where we're at. we need at least a quarter of a million jobs each month. >> bill: it is interesting to me that the jobs nonetheless come right after the house refuses to pass a two-year highway bill most they can do is 90 days. so, all of those construction jobs or long-range projects which might have been undertaken, people can't undertake because if you're a business, that's not just about the union side of it but if you're a construction company how can you commit to a two-year project when you know you've only got 98 days? >>can't, bill. this is what i find amazing is that the republican party has been traditionally observed or thought of as the party of
5:32 am
business. when, in fact, they're at war on business today just for the point you made. of being able to project what your needs are going to be. what kind of materials are going to be using. what kind of skills and people you're going to need to employ. that's done in the long-term. the long-range thinking. and the republicans have shown us in congress they're not capable of long-range thinking anymore. >> no. >> even the chamber of commerce, right? the chamber of commerce and the afl-cio both supported the highway bill. >> absolutely. it was a no-brainer and there are many other pieces of legislation out there. we went through the fight on the faa re-authorization which certainly had great job-creating provisions in it to help this nation not only keep up with the pace of technology for air travel and air cargo but many other things, the way we navigate planes, the better
5:33 am
utilization of our airports, et cetera, all good things. but they fought over just because they wanted to bash the unions a little more and take it out on employees. the republicans no longer have, in their program in their agenda, what's best for america. it is what's best for a few people like the koch brothers who just think bashing america is a great thing to do. >> bill: tom buffenbarger is the president of the machinist's union. we're talking jobs and the economy. your calls are welcome at 866-55-press, there is always an empty seat around the table. that's yours. you can join the conversation by giving us a call at 866-55-press. we've talked before about manufacturing and the importance of bringing manufacturing back. what are we still making in this -- your members are mainly building planes, trains, right? >> our members build planes, trains, all the defense
5:34 am
equipment this country relies on to keep itself safe and to project power. we build home appliances. we build harley-davidson motorcycles. we build agricultural equipment. we build what it takes to keep america moving forward. our big fight today is to keep building it here in america. >> bill: that's what i was going to ask next is how many of those are being built here in this country. by your members, all of them but what percentage of that equipment is being built here in america? more and more manufacturing jobs shift overseas. >> shipped overseas and with the government incentives to do that. that's what we with need to change. the president knows that. he's recognized that. and is trying to change the agenda to incentivize manufacturers to keep work here at home, to train the workers they need to manufacture their goods and, in fact, have some of these folks bring jobs back to this country. we get nothing in the way of support out of the republican agenda on this.
5:35 am
so the president's up against terrible odds, trying to do the right things for america. and frankly bill, we need to get the democrats a little more vocal in this fight as well and supportive to the idea that making things in america is important. >> bill: amen. do you find companies -- talking to these big companies will they -- are there economic incentives that will -- that will you know, be sufficient or encourage them to start thinking about bringing jobs back? >> the president's got a whole array, an agenda of things but again, that takes the acquiescence and the support of congress and he cannot find it in the republicans who just want to ignore the idea that we need to incentivize jobs here and not overseas. >> bill: what about our air fleet, commercial airliners today? what percentage are american
5:36 am
planes? >> bill, i couldn't answer that question because that's always in a state of flux. >> bill: oh, okay. >> we have a big fight going on right now. you know, there's a lot of boeing airplanes in our fleet today. some aging mcdonnell doug plas planes which is now boeing. they need to be replaced. we're seeing an uptick in commercial aviation because wear and tear is bringing that about. now, there is a fight going on with the -- over the re-authorization of the export import bank which is crucial to companies that manufacture goods for export. it is where our government simply underwrites or it puts its whole faith and credit behind someone's purchase of american made goods overseas. for instance, british airways wants boeing airplanes to put in their fleet. this helps british airlines.
5:37 am
british air and boeing compete with sales against a company like airbus which is receiving subsidies from the governments of france, of britain of germany, et cetera. it is a leveler. by the way, all of these other countries have these programs but in the u.s., delta airlines wants to buy airbus airplanes. and they want the american taxpayer, through the export/import bank to underwrite french-built airplanes that compete with american-built airplanes. now, there's something fundamentally wrong with the concept of this. delta should buy boeing airplanes. >> bill: delta airlines is an american company, is it not? >> i would assume it is. i don't know who's on their board anymore. i don't know who calls the shots but is is acting more and more like a foreign carrier. >> bill: i haven't paid a lot
5:38 am
of attention. i've heard this about people wanting to not -- to defund the bank. what would want to get rid of that? it is sort of like the world bank. it is pretty important. >> people who would want to do this are the same folks who would want to feel it is all right to put a gun to their head and pull the trigger. that's how important this is. >> bill: because what they're doing -- >> hurting america and hurting american manufacturing and jobs that support american manufacturing. this is a no-brainer. we're on the same side again with the chamber of commerce, the manufacturing industries and their associations. and with the rest of the airlines in this country. >> the republicans are congress are trying to defund, at least some of them. >> some of them. not all of them. some of them are supporting delta airlines to defund the x.m. bank and put us at risk with foreign companies. >> bill: when you're fighting your own industries like that,
5:39 am
about american jobs, it is pretty tough. tom buffenbarger is in studio. we're talking manufacturing. we're taking your calls at 866-55 press on the "full court press" on monday morning. >> announcer: this is the "bill press show." that. >>jennifer granholm joins current tv. a former two term governor. >>people like somebody who's got a spine. >>determined to find solutions... >>we need government to ensure that people have freedom. >>driven to find the truth... >>what's really going on? >>fearless, independent and above all, politically direct.
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>>just refreshing to hear. no other television show does that. we're keeping it real. >> announcer: this is the "bill press show." live on your radio and current tv. >> bill: 13 minutes before the top of the hour. i'm a proud union member and proud to welcome brother tom buffenbarger, president of the machinist's union. tom, we've been talking jobs,
5:43 am
economy and a lot of callers would like to join the conversation. let's say hello to sam calling from chicago. what do you say, sam? >> caller: good morning, president buffenbarger good morning, bill. >> good morning. >> caller: i'm a 24-year proud aim member president buffenbarger and i think you're spot on with everything you've said thus far. also like to say it is absolutely appalling that this republican party for the bounty of one individual is sacrificing millions and millions of american people with jobs, with the economy it is absolutely appalling. i think it is time for us americans to stand up and actually force the people that we elect to be the democrats that they are and if they're not going to be the democrats we need to start looking into another party per se to elect the people to actually represent
5:44 am
us americans. >> bill: or other democrats who will do the right thing i guess, right sam? president buffenbarger? >> i agree with sam. we have been watching an erosion of the core democratic principles over the years. where they were the party that stood up for working people. and working people stood steadfastly behind them. and we've seen things change to the extent -- there are fewer working people -- that's why i'm here today to talk about unemployment and we see an erosion of the principles of our party that go with the erosion of the base. and i'm not -- believe me, i'm not a tea party type person. i'm not a republican at any stretch of the imagination. but if we can't get the democratic party back to being the true alternative to american progress, then you know, we participated in a change in
5:45 am
canada a number of years ago with the creation of the new democratic party, the third party which is now the official opposition party in canada. and it takes a long time. it takes dedication and it takes adherence to very lofty principles to get that far. if we're forced to do it, some day, maybe a labor party or working person's party emerges in america. >> bill: you know what gets me, when republicans -- when they win right they remember who their friends are and they don't give a damn, right? they just go and push their agenda. and it seems to me too often most of the time when democrats win, they forget who their friends are and they try to make nice with the other side and feel that they've gotta come to the middle. and so we don't get things done. we work our butts off to get people elected then they forget us. >> i came of political age when
5:46 am
guys like lbj and bobby kennedy were around. they were the type of democrat i can certainly gravitate to who remembered their friends and they kind of ignored their enemies and they drove america forward. and that's the type of democrats we need to see again. you know, i look at the trade deals. we pass in america. there's another bad one coming out. the trans pacific partnership. it is nafta on steroids. it is going to further erode america's ability to compete in manufacturing and in services. and why are we having the debate here today on this? giving the condition of our country in both republicans and democrats should be lock step to say whoa, we're not going into any partnership that will further erode this country's values. we're going to go fight for it. and we need our democratic friends to start standing up and speaking out against this.
5:47 am
>> last thing we need is another bad trade deal. >> bill: paul is calling from fairland oklahoma. hi paul. >> caller: hi. i'm talking about the republicans, like mitt romney. he's pushing how he's going to turn the economy around. good paying jobs. well, the fist thing he wants to do is repeal minimum wage. he wanted -- the auto industry to fail to get rid of the unions. the unions are the backbone of this country. the middle class -- that's why we have the middle class unions. if we don't keep fighting, they want us to work for chinese wages. americans can't do that. >> you've got it. thanks, paul, for the call. why is it, tom you feel the percentage of american workers who join the union keeps going down? >> well -- >> bill: where would they be without the unions? >> well, the jobs uniform members perform is what's leaving and the result is
5:48 am
membership declines. you know, paul makes a good point. oklahoma was a state that in the not too distant past joined the ranks of right to work states on the premise that jobs would just be flowing into oklahoma like a fire hose discharging on the state and just the opposite occurred. as a matter of fact, recently, mercury marine corporation which the machinist's union happens to represent in wisconsin was able to have them close down the oklahoma site, the nonunion site, bring it all back to wisconsin because that's where quality work gets done for the consumer who gets great value for their dollar. and the idea that we can run away from these unions and we can set up shops there is a price to be paid. usually quality falls and confidence from the consumer follows that. >> bill: president
5:49 am
buffenbarger, it is great that you're out there fighting for not only the members of your union but for all american workers. i would say all american working families, union and nonunion. i appreciate that and thanks for coming in this morning. >> glad to be here bill. good luck with the new program on tv. >> bill: all right. see you again, soon. i'll be back with a quick parting shot for today.
5:50 am
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1q1q it's completely inappropriate for television. >> announcer: the parting shot with bill press. this is the "bill press show." >> bill: on this monday, april 9, a quick parting shot for today. well, you know, the obama hate
5:52 am
machine keeps rolling on and on. all of the old rules any sense of decency, totally out the window with this crowd. they don't hesitate to drop insults on president obama and call him every name in the book. remember last week, karl rove and rush limbaugh called him a thug. rush limbaugh had earlier called president obama a jack ass and now the united states senator chuck grassley who should know better over the weekend tweeted out that the president is just simply stupid. i mean come on, senator grassley. now, what i want to know is does this unbridled name-calling have anything to do with the fact that barack obama just happens to be our first african-american president? you bet it does! that's my parting shot for today, folks. the president of the national education association in studio with us tomorrow. have a good one. see you back here tomorrow.
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